Tool in the Toolbox-Tape for Costume Designers

As a Costume Designer, chances are you have a toolbox (or something similar) full of items you use on a regular bases in the costume making process.  You probably have a great pair of scissors, needle and thread, tape measure, fabric, buttons, and much, much more.  We would like to introduce you to another valuable tool to work with.  This tool is Backstage Costume Tape.


Backstage Costume Tape is a double sided tape that is very sticky, but very low residue.  This makes it so valuable in costume creation.  Here is a list of applications that we have found for double sided costume tape:


  • Alterations

  • Adding embellishments

  • Quick fixes during performances

  • Closing gaps

  • Sticking costumes to skin to make sure it stays in place

  • Keeping jewelry in place during performances

  • Keeping wigs in place

  • Keeping facial hair in place


The life of a costume designer can often be stressful and full of deadlines, alterations and last minute fixes.  We hope that the right tools in your toolbox will make your job a little bit easier.  If you would like samples of our products so you can put them to the test, just contact us.