Easy Costume Addition-Bug Nylons

Sometimes you need a creepy touch to your costume.  There are few things that say creepy like bugs crawling up your legs.  This is simple to do, but can add the finishing touch you are looking for.  Here is what you will need:


  1. A pair of nylons (your choice of color)

  2. Plastic bugs

  3. Backstage Costume Tape


Making creepy crawly legs is simple.  Here is what you do to pull it off:

  1. Put on your nylons.  You can use whatever color, length and style of nylon that best goes with your costume.

  2. Put pieces of double sided costume tape on the bugs.  

  3. Peel off the liner side of the double sided costume tape and place the bugs on the nylons.  

  4. Enjoy this creepy touch to your costume.